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2020 Funny Adult Dinosaur Gift Guide

Dino-up your life with these funny and useful dinosaur gifts, stocking stuffers and household items. Why have a boring stainless steel pasta spoon when you can have a silicone dinosaur one and keep your dino-dreams alive?!

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Dinosaur gift guide for adults

Pastasaurus green dinosaur shaped pasta spoon

Smile every time you serve pasta with this Pastasaurus silicone pasta spoon. Better yet, use this spoon to serve Organic Dinosaur Shaped Pasta. Spoon is on sale for $8.55. Pasta is on sale for $14.99. 

Dinosaur Shower Head

Dinosaur shaped shower head

Who doesn't want a T-Rex spitting on their head? With this Wash N' Roar T-Rex Shower Head, your child might actually wash willingly. On sale for $19.95. 

Dinosaur Taco Holder
Dinosaur taco holder

Eating tacos will never be the same once you have these totally frivolous but entertaining dinosaur taco holders. Happy dino dinner. On sale for $16.71. 

Disappearing Dino Mug

Disappearing dinosaur mug

You may be asking, why a cheesy-looking, standard dinosaur mug? This mug may look standard but it's extra special: hot liquids make the dinosaurs die. A little morbid, I know, but funny in an dinosaur-extinction-volcano-and-asteroids type of way. From a practical stand point, it's a visual cue to remind little hands that contents are hot. On sale for $15.95. 

Dinosaur Plant Holder
Dinosaur plant holder

These dinosaur plant holders are all the rage. Add a succulent and water occasionally. On sale for $20.  

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