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How It Works

1. PICK your PARTY

Pick a party theme, a date, and the number of guests. Your party package will arrive at your doorstep!

2. PREP your party

Prep your party with your child! Revel in the shared excitement and anticipation. Set up instructions included.

3. THROW your party

Lead your party guests through an imaginative itinerary of activities and games, all in the theme of your choice. Find your inner child, and engage with your party guests at a whole new level. 

What's Included: Birthday Parties


Digital Invitation

A themed digital party invite to send to your guests. Print, text, email, social media - share it any way you like.


Planning Guide

A suggested itinerary, to host with ease. A script and tips, in case you need it.



Custom banners and balloons to create a classic ambiance and to offer a few fun photo ops. 



Themed costumes for all party guests, to let imaginations reign. And so pretend play can continue, long after the party.


Arrival Activities

Coloring pages and an interactive playscape.
Our custom playscapes are themed toy worlds, good for building excitement before the party. They offer an activity for guests upon arrival (and departure), and can be a refuge for a shy guest.


Props & Crafts

Props, to enhance party games. Crafts, to delight your budding artists. 


Party Games

An activity for every 10 minutes. Sure to keep kids engaged and squealing with joy.


Themed Party Favors

Incorporated into party games. These themed party favors are collected as prizes throughout the party. Guests leave with a little bag of keepsakes.



Themed cake plates, napkins, tablecloth, forks. Candles and cake topper (to use if you like). Drinks and cake not included.

Our birthday parties are intended to be held in a house or other familiar space, where common rooms exist, and where items such as tables, chairs, blankets and other basic supplies are easily be available. Park birthday parties, designed for green spaces, will be available this spring. Base price includes party supplies for 1 child.

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Base price includes party supplies for one child

customer testimonials

I had a pack of active boys inside my house on a hot, hot day. The boys loved the party. They were a happy pack of loud dinosaurs completely enthralled playing game after game after game. It set a high bar for all future birthday parties. Can't wait for the next one!

- Laura, St. Louis

This party was a huge hit. Rock Paper Sprinkles really thought of everything. I had eighteen girls acting like cats in my apartment. They were thrilled and completely entertained from start to finish...highly recommend.

- Lindsay, New York City

I absolutely loved our Superhero Academy party! I was nervous to host families in my tiny apartment. It was so much fun. I loved the decorations and costumes and the creative games. The kids loved everything especially games with Dad. I didn't have to plan a thing myself. Fantastic!

- Erin, San Francisco