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What’s the target age for Rock Paper Sprinkles parties?

Currently, our parties target girls celebrating their 3rd through 9th birthday and boys celebrating their 3rd through 7th birthday. Older siblings, cousins and friends will enjoy these parties, too, by either participating in the fun or by being a “helper.”

How long do Rock Paper Sprinkles parties last?

Each birthday party is designed to fill two hours; each holiday party fills 90 minutes. This includes a 20-minute arrival period for independent play, greeting guests, and getting into costume, plus time to eat cake or a treat at the end of the party.

Should parents drop off their kids or stay to watch/chaperone?

It’s up to you (and depends on your guests). We recommend a parent(s) stay with guests ages 3 and 4, though it is appropriate to have 4-year-olds dropped off if you know them well. Guests ages 5+ do well with a drop off party. We recommend 2 to 3 adults to run a birthday party and 1 to 2 to run a holiday party. Our digital invitations include the options to ask parents to stay or drop off.

What does “tableware” include? How many place settings?

In addition to a disposable tablecloth, our tableware includes one dessert plate, fork (for birthday parties), and napkin per child, plus extra sets to cover adult helpers. Cups are not included due to high instances of spilling. We suggest cartons, pouches, or bottles instead. Use your child’s cake as the centerpiece for birthday parties.

Do I need to buy cake or food?

Our parties do not include cake, food, or drinks. However, our birthday parties do include a fun cake topper and colored chocolate candies. Visit the Rock Paper Sprinkles Blog for suggestions on simple yet pretty ways to decorate your cake using these sweet supplies.

We recommend buying drink pouches and buying or making a cake (for birthday parties) and cupcakes or cookies (for holiday parties.) For birthday parties, in addition to our fun cake topper, we provide simple white birthday candles, as well as forks, plates, napkins and tablecloths for serving cake for your party guests.

As for food, if you want to serve a meal to children and/or parents, go for it. However, kids won't miss it, and you don’t need it to make your party fun. 

Do I need to buy anything besides cake/treat and drinks?

All parties include a list of items to “have on hand”, which you will find in the planning guide. These are common household items such as matches (for lighting birthday candles), clear (Scotch) tape, and a camera.

Where do my guests eat cake if I have more party guests than chairs?

When guests outnumber chairs, lay the provided tablecloth(s) on the floor, and secure with tape. The tablecloth serves as the table and kids sit around the outside edges.

What type of decorations are included?

Each birthday party includes color coordinated and themed decorations, including banners (some doubling as a prop for party games), balloons, and an interactive playscape – complete with playmat, playsets, and toy figurines (for independent play at arrival and departure). Sticky putty, a hand pump, and string (for balloon garland) are also provided for easy set-up. 

Holiday parties include minimal decorations - such as a playscape or banner - along with balloons. 

What do I need to hang decorations?

We supply you with removable and reusable sticky putty for easy hanging and removing of banners.

Can I pick and choose which items I want included in my party package?

No, we don’t currently offer a la carte pricing. When purchasing a party from Rock Paper Sprinkles, our goal is to save you time and money. That means, we have curated the best options for you in each category. No need to waste time deciding between the pink or orange napkins or source the most cost-effective party favors. We’ve already done that for you. With your purchase of one Rock Paper Sprinkles party, you’ll have everything you need.

Can I host a party outside?

Yes, all Rock Paper Sprinkles parties can be hosted in a backyard or park. 

Can children stay 6 feet apart during party games? 

The majority of party games can be played "together but apart" with no or few game alterations. A few games require touch. For these games, we recommend face masks and hand sanitizer. 

Any other suggestions for hosting a small birthday party during a pandemic? 

We suggest that you follow CDC, state and local guidelines. For blowing out candles on a cake, cut a slice out of the cake and top this slice with candles.  Or serve cupcakes to guests, and save the cake for the birthday girl/boy.

For indoor parties, how big of a house do I need to host?

Any size will work. We’ve hosted Rock Paper Sprinkles parties in many types of homes, in many times of settings, from east to west coast, from big city to tiny town. Our clients have been delighted hosting our parties in spaces that range from a tiny San Francisco apartment (with a pack of 4-year-old boys), a Manhattan loft (with 20 kindergartners), and a lakeside cottage (with a slew of cousins). A favored park also works well.

I have a small home. Can I really host a party?

Yes, we promise you can do it! Our planning guides tell you how to use your space – big or small. You really can host eight preschool boys with their parents in your 1,000 square foot home.

My house is a mess. How am I going to host a party at home?

Children are messy and they will take little notice of a messy house. For those of us who feel physically stressed from messes, here are a few pointers to get your house in shape fast:

  • Clean only the rooms that will be in use.
  • Stack dirty dishes into the sink.
  • Grab a spare laundry basket and throw in stray items for sorting later.

Do you offer any additional themes?

We have plans for many more parties! Our list is long and filled with both traditional and unique themes. We started with a party selection that children frequently request. Check back often as we add more. We would love to hear from you about parties you would be interested in purchasing in the future. 

How many adults are needed to run a party?

Running our birthday parties takes ideally three adults, although two will suffice. The third adult acts as the primary picture taker. Running our holiday parties takes ideally two adults, although one will suffice. The second adult acts as an extra "character" in the games and primary picture taker. 

Do your parties include costumes for adult helpers?

Costumes are only provided for child guests. A prop is also provided for one adult to wear during party games. We encourage parents to use what they have on hand to add ridiculousness to their dress or character. Visit the Rock Paper Sprinkles Blog for tips and recommendations on themed costumes and accessories for parents. 

What’s include in your “Planning Guide”?

The planning guide includes everything you need to set up, prep and run your party: (1) a supply checklist, (2) party set-up instructions, (3) a play-by-play party itinerary with an optional parent script, and (4) pointers.

How does party pricing work?

The pricing listed on our website is for a party of 1 child. Even in a pandemic, we want children to be able to party, all they need is one parent or sibling to join in the games. Select the number of guests, and upon checkout, the price of your party will adjust accordingly.  

How many guests can I invite?

Our parties can serve anywhere from 1 to 20 child guests per party. 

Please contact us for custom requests beyond the maximum party guest limit.   

Can I invite children that don’t know each other?

Yes! Rock Paper Sprinkles parties are jam-packed with structured activities and group play.

Do I pay for shipping?

Ground shipping is free.

For more shipping details, visit our Shipping page

When will my party arrive?

All orders will ship within 3 to 5 business days, and should arrive within 5 to 10 business days of receiving your order. 

Please contact us if your timing needs are different than the shipping times available, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

I like to DIY and scour Pinterest. Are these parties for me?

We like Pinterest and DIY, too! Rock Paper Sprinkles parties are great for the parent who embraces imaginary play and who loves to host parties in her home, but isn’t necessarily a DIYer, or doesn’t have time to scour Pinterest and gather all the supplies herself. With Rock Paper Sprinkles, we not only save you time, but we also save you money. If you were to buy these supplies yourself from various online retailers, you would spend much more money.