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About Us

Sugar and spice and everything nice? Not in our world. We have rough and tumble, tea party and sword fight, cuddle and punch girls who love dramatic play, games and adult interaction.

Our kids love birthday parties at home – Rock Paper Sprinkles style. Meaning, costumes, imagination, and a marathon of games. Our kids start planning their birthdays months out. The excitement builds and builds. What will the costumes entail? What interactive games will be played? What party favors will be discovered during these games? Should the guests be superheroes training to defeat villains or princesses visiting a slew of different fairytales? 

We obviously love our kids and the creative process of birthday parties, so we have obliged our children year after year – even with wailing newborns, tiring jobs, debilitating illnesses, and long-distance moves. Honestly, it’s exhausting (and expensive) to DIY an at-home party from start to finish. It takes a lot of time, energy, money and knowledge. There’s the time it takes to buy, make or borrow materials. There’s knowing which party games are duds (despite what a party blog might recommend). There’s having a plan, rain or shine. The “to do” list goes on and on. Rock Paper Sprinkles eliminates this work load for you. 

Our parties and products are bursting with creativity and activities, to provide a very personal and fun experience between parents and child and friends.


Cara Kopec is a business consultant and creative entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience helping businesses grow and succeed. 

In addition to founding her party business, Rock Paper Sprinkles, Cara also provides creative business consulting to other entrepreneurs. Cara's expertise lies in database analysis, market research, and strategic planning. She is a skilled problem solver, extremely detail oriented, and she is exceptional at understanding the needs of her clients and translating those needs into tangible products. She always willing to go the extra mile to help her clients achieve their goals.

If you are a business owner who is looking for help to grow and succeed, I encourage you to reach out to Cara Kopec.