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Dinosaur Gift Guide for Kids

This dinosaur gift guide is for all young dino lovers. Give your child the space and toys to roar, stomp and play. Mesozoic Era fans only. Imaginations not included.

Give more dino love to that adult in your life with these funny and useful adult dinosaur gifts. Why have a boring stainless steel pasta spoon when you can have a silicone dinosaur one? 

dinosaur gift guide for kids

Papo Dinosaurs

Papo stegosaurus dinosaur figurine toy

Papo figurines are super durable, realistic and extremely detailed. Slowly build a collection that can be passed down to future generations of dinosaurs lovers. Start with the Stegosaurus pictured above. Other options include a Pentaceratops, a Gorgosaurus, a Ankylosaurus, and a Iguanodon. Made in France. On sale for $10-$50 each.

Dinosaur Fingerling

Dinosaur fingerling

This Dinosaur Fingerling holds wrap around your finger, moves its head, and makes noises. The only thing it doesn't do is bite. Batteries included. On sale for $14.99.

Dinosaur Track Playset

Dinosaur race track toy playset

Build your own Jurassic World with this dinosaur themed track playset. On sale for $27.85.

Rock Paper Sprinkles Dinosaur Playscape

Dinosaur prehistoric landscape with volcano and cliff playsets

Give your child's dinosaurs a world to roam with this multi-unit African Safari PlayscapeKeep this playscape beautifully displayed on a dresser or table, or tucked away in its own container. On sale for $139.

Lego Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

Lego Creator Dinosaur

We all love Lego, and this Lego Creator Dinosaur set is an easy buy for maximum building at an affordable price point. With 174 pieces, your child can make a Pterodactyl, Triceratops and a T-Rex dinosaur. On sale for $11.99.

 Imaginext Jurassic World

Imaginext Jurassic World Research Lab

Imaginext has a great series of Jurassic World toys. Let your children design their own Jurassic worlds with this Research Lab. Other options include a Mega Mouth T-Rex and a Mosasaurus and Diver. On sale for $15-$50.

Rock Paper Sprinkles Dino Chomp Party

dinosaur party for kids

This spunky Dino Chomp Party transforms children into chomping, stomping dinosaurs led by you in your home. It includes fifteen games of imaginative dinosaur play and all the necessary props, decorations, favors and costumes. All for a price less than sourcing supplies yourself. On sale for $429.

Rubie's Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

Rubie's T-Rex Costume

I'm sure you've seen funny videos of people wandering around in this costume. You can be a funny T-Rex too. On sale for $41.04.

The Big Book of Dinosaurs

Big Book of Dinosaurs picture book

This Big Book of Dinosaurs is informative and colorful. A prefect way to snuggle with your young dino lover. On sale for $13.49.

Smithsonian Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia

 Smithsonian Dinosaurs Visual Encyclopedia

One book is never enough for any topic of obsession. This Dinosaur Visual Encyclopedia is full of beautiful pictures and interesting facts. On sale for $13.99. 

Dinosaur Print Hoodie

Girls dinosaur print hoodie sweatshirt

Show everyone at school that you are a dinosaur lover with this dinosaur print hoodie sweatshirt. On sale for $18.99. 

Rock Paper Sprinkles Dinosaur Vest

Dinosaur vest

Turn your child into a stomping, chomping dinosaur with this Dino Chomp Vest! This vest features a sleeveless zip-up hoodie vest in a soft green fleece, with colored spikes from head to tail. Dress up play, all day. On sale for $38.

Carter's Dinosaur Snowsuit

Dinosaur snowsuit for kids

Your child can now be a dinosaur even in the coldest of weather with Carter's Dinosaur Snowsuit. Roar! On sale for $59.99. 

Sweet Jojo's Designs Dinosaur Bedding Comforter Set

Dinosaur comforter bedding

Unlike most other dinosaur bedding, Sweet Jojo's Dinosaur Bedding won't make you want to barf. The comforter has a simple pattern on the opposite side; fold it down for visual balance. On sale for $99.99. 

Hip Dinosaur Duvet

Fun dinosaur duvet

This roaring dinosaur duvet is hip, fun, 100% cotton and Oprah approved. Your little dino will be snoring instead of roaring all night long. Designed in Holland. Made in Portugal. On sale for $129. 


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