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Superhero Cake: Superhero Academy

Follow our simple instructions below to transform a cake into a marvel that all your little superheroes will love.

Superhero cake topper with a city skyline and superheroes

1. Make or buy a round cake.

  • Width: 8-10" in diameter
  • Height: 3" tall (2+ layers)
  • Choose smooth frosting in light green. No borders.

Local bakeries, grocery store bakeries, and Ben & Jerry's stores (just to name a few) can make cakes according to the instructions above. Click here for a more complete list of bakeries and their pricing.

2. Cut out your cake topper and stick into the cake as pictured above. Decorate the top with chocolate candies.

Cake topper and chocolate candies are included with your Rock Paper Sprinkles party supplies. Cake topper features colorful skyscrapers with four superheroes.

3. Place your cake on a stand and use as your centerpiece. 

Superhero birthday party decorations with superhero plates and girls


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