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Spring Break: Sequestration Sanity


30+ Minutes of Play, Every Spring Day

For Those Seven Days (or Longer) with Kids at Home 

It’s spring break… No longer going anywhere fabulous? Never had fabulous plans? Quarantined at home with kids doing online learning? 

We have a sanitized sanity plan for you: something easy-to-do and fun for your kids for that downtime at home. Introduce each activity/day with a written note, blind draw, or gift. Kids will love the anticipation of knowing that something “exciting” is planned for the next day.

Here’s the Plan:

  1. Turn kids into an animal (turkey, dog, kitty) or character (fairy, mermaid, superhero) for the day. Do this with a simple DIY paper headband, purchased accessories or just your imaginations.

  2. Then, engage your little animals or characters in interactive play.

Day 1: Lucky Leprechauns

Kid as a leprechaun photo

Is your house full of mischievous little beings with penchants for all things that glitter? Great. Throw some green on them, make (or buy) green top hats and turn them into little leprechauns. 

Simple Costume: Make this leprechaun headband.

Simpler Costume: Buy a leprechaun hat.

Play: Be a leprechaun with these classic "can't find me" games. Then spend hours making a leprechaun trap. Visit the South Orange County Moms Network for Leprechaun Play on St. Patrick's Day.

Day 2: Grumbling Groundhogs

Inside kid games

Kids feeling cross? Turn them into grumbling groundhogs. To you, a groundhog might be an ugly pest that ruins your lawn. To your kid, it's an "oh-so-cute" small, furry animal. Why pick a groundhog? The groundhog reminds us that winter will end and spring, one day, will come. So, too, will our current crisis. So, like those (not-)so-cute groundhogs, let's burrow down, stay-play, and peep up when all is clear. Chuck. Chuck!

Simple Costume: Make this groundhog headband.

Simpler Costume: Buy this fluffy ears (groundhog) headband.

Play: Be a groundhog with Burrowing Play the Groundhog Way

Day 3: Hoppy Frogs

 inside kid games that are fun and easy

Are your kids bouncing off the walls? Channel their hops into frog play. They'll get to jump, hop, leap, and catch things with their tongues. By the end, you'll want to croak... like a frog of course!

Simple Costume: Make this frog headband.

Simpler Costume: Buy this frog headband.

Play: Be a frog with Hippity-Hoppity Play the Frog Way.  

Day 4: Squawkin' Turkeys

games to play with kids

Kids are little turkeys at heart. They’re wild. They squawk. They constantly peck at you for food. They can get angry and attack. Why not give them free reign all day (or at least for a 1/2 hour.) Gobble. Gobble.

Simple Costume: Make this turkey headband.

Simpler Costume: Buy this turkey hat.

Play: Be a turkey with these squawkin' games that we shared with the South Orange County Moms Network.

Day 5: Boppin' Bunnies

Lighten up the day with some boppin' bunny play.

Simplest: Order a Rock Paper Sprinkles' Bunny Bop Party. It's perfect for a small play date or some sibling fun. Bounce out your energy as you train to be the Easter Bunny! Knees up! High hops! Bunny bops! 

Day 6: Magical Mermaids / Scary Sharks

Mermaid Costume Shark Toy

It's sea day! Your kid is a mermaid (or shark) and needs to be in the tub. Again. And again. And again.

Simple Costume: Pull out the swimsuits! 

Simpler Costume: Leave your kids in their birthday suits. 

Play: Throw your child into the bath, not once or twice, but as many times during the day as you feel the need to play! Add toys and bubbles

Day 7: Silly Superheros

Superhero Cape Costume

Superheroes save the day!

Simple Costume: Fashion a cape out of a blanket and rubber band. 

Simpler Costume: Buy this cape.

Play: With your child, set up a superhero training obstacle course. Climb along couches, army crawl under brooms propped on chairs, or slide down the stairs in a sleeping bag. Next, play "tickle monster" while you chase after your silly superhero.


Congratulations, you survived one week at home! Reward yourself with a break and surprise your child with some new toys. Try this Superhero Metropolis Playscape, this African Safari Playscape, or any of our other playscapes for endless hours of play.

xo, Rock Paper Sprinkles 

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