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School Schedule & Checklist: Free Printables

Does your child's school schedule have your head spinning? Get organized with these cute, free printables that both your child and you will appreciate. 

Child remote learning at home with table tent schedule

Got a wall, refrigerator or bulletin board? Then this simple school schedule template is for you. Grab a thin marker and transcribe your kid's schedule. Then, keep your sanity as you reference it throughout the day.

Free school schedule template to get organized with remote school

Multiple children at a dining table? Don't want to tape schedules to the wall? Make each child their own table tent schedule. For complex schedules, have a table tent for each day of the week. Stack and rotate tents as the week progresses. 

Table tent free school schedule template

Need a reminder for your children to complete their schoolwork? Print this checklist template every week from now until... that day they don't need it. 

Free school checklist template

School's in session. Get smart. Stay sane. Remember to play.

xo, Rock Paper Sprinkles

Need some inspiration for organized play? Need a way to celebrate the start of a new and strange school year? Check out our School Rules Boredom Box for silly, imaginative play, in a I-am-the-teacher way. 



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