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Jokes to Play on April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day is almost here. A day our kids look forward to all year! It's the perfect time to get a little silly and pull a few April Fool's pranks on them! Giggles guaranteed. Check out our easy and funny pranks to play on kids, below.

April Fools Prank Frozen Cereal

  • Freeze a bowl of cereal with milk the night before. Laugh when your kids try to stick the spoon in the bowl. 

  • Swap where your children are sleeping (while they're sleeping) so they wake up in a new spot.

  • Swap the clothes in their drawers with a sibling's, or completely remove (and hide) their clothes from one (or more) drawers.

  • Line up a household of plush animals so that they're all staring at your child. A bit creepy you ask? Definitely. Will your child think it's hilarious? For sure. 

  • Put a Band-Aid on your forehead. When your child asks what happened, say "nothing" or "I don't know what you're talking about".  Wear the bandage all day. Extra points for a bandage printed in cartoons. 

  • Add googly eye stickers to everything in your fridge, your fruit bowl, your potted plants, all the toys in your house (balls, trains, cars, etc).

  • Place a whoopee cushion under your child's favorite seat. Fart noises never get old. 

  • Stuff tissues in the toes of your kids' shoes so they don't fit.

  • In one room, turn all the furniture and accessories upside down (e.g. chairs, tables, ottomans, bar stools, pictures, etc.). Pretend it's completely normal. 

  • Cover up the sensor on your television remote. 

  • Download the "Broken Screen Prank App" on your child's iPad. Say, "Well it looks like you broke your iPad yesterday, and all the stores are closed right now. Sorry kid." 

  • Cover a piece of furniture (e.g. your child's dresser or desk) in aluminum foil. 

  • Place bubble wrap under rugs and bath mats.

  • Serve brown "E"s. Cut a few paper "E"s out of brown construction paper, place them inside a baking dish, and cover with aluminum foil. Tell your kids you made them Brown Es for dessert! Let them open the aluminum foil. (Heard enough crying the last few days? Cover up the disappointment with a real treat.)

xo, Rock Paper Sprinkles

April Fools Joke Googly Eyes

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