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Frog Play on Leap Year Day

Kids dressed as frogs

 It's a Leap Year! Perhaps even your child's first Leap Year ever. You provide the education to why we have 366 days every four years. We'll provide the how to for easy, imaginative fun. To mark this day, engage in some hippity-hoppity play. Here's how:

Turn all the kids into frogs. Ribbit!

Why? Because it’s amusing to watch and enjoyable to play. Have kids look like frogs and act like frogs. They'll get to jump, hop, leap, and catch things with their tongues. By the end, you'll want to croak... like a frog of course!

DIY craft of a frog animal headband for Leap DayLOOK LIKE A FROG:

Follow the steps below to make a frog headband. Or order one (headband, bow, tail) online. Wannabe extra? Add on green poka dot pants and a green tee. Wear it all day. Ribbit! Ribbit!

You will need:

  • Frog Headband Template
  • Two sheets of green construction paper (8.5x11) 
  • One sheet of white piece of paper
  • One sheet of black construction paper (8.5x11) or black marker
  • Scissors
  • Stapler, tape and/or glue
  • Markers

How To:

  1. Download the Frog Headband Template. Print and cut.
  2. Using the template, trace the shapes onto construction paper, and cut out the pieces. 
  3. Children assemble the frog faces, using glue or tape. Add optional details with markers.
  4. Measure the headband on each child’s head, and tape or staple into a circle.
  5. Hop, leap, and ribbit (but don't croak) throughout the day
Kids playing leap frog


    Play one or all of these games with your hoppy, hungry frogs.

    You will need:

      Leap Like a Frog: Leap Frog

      If your child has never played this classic game, today's the day. Have children stand in a line a few feet part and curl in a ball on the ground. The child at the back of the line, places hands on the next child's back and leaps over straddling legs wide - like a frog. This child continues leaping until he/she gets to the front of the line and takes a curled position. The child at the end of the line starts leaping. Repeat until every around the house. 

      Variation: For a more challenging version, have children stoop (standing) with their hands on their knees. 

      Hop Like a Frog: Indoor Hop Scotch

      Set Up: Tape off a hopscotch course.
      How To Play: This game can be played with one or more players. Select a "marker" from inside your home. This marker can be a small toy that doesn't roll. Better yet, use these miniature toy frog figurines. The first player tries to throw the marker into square "1". Players take turns until the marker lands in this square. This player, on one leg, hops over this square, down the course and back, picking up the marker on her way back. Side-by-side squares can be straddled with two feet on the ground - one in each box. If the player touches a line or falls then her turn is over. Each player starts her turn where she left off on her last turn. Continue the game until a child successfully picks up her marker from every numbered square.

      Variation: After a few rounds of play, let children create their own hopscotch course with tape.

      Kids playing hopscotch

      Hunt Like a Frog

      Supplies: Fake insect toys

      Hide fake bugs throughout the house and have your frogs hunt them down.

      Eat Like a Frog

      Supplies: Rice Krispies cereal (and optional edible flavored crickets)

      Thinly scatter Rice Krispies on a plate. Have your child, crouched like a frog, quickly stick his tongue out to snap up a single Rice Krispie. If you're brave enough, sample some real crickets for dessert. 

      Finally, enjoy a laugh or two with our free printable Frog + Leap Day Jokes

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