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Kids' Play on Groundhog Day

Child crawling through a box maze

We're all about Groundhog Day on February 2nd. Why celebrate this day? It's fun. It reminds us, in the middle of winter, that spring will come. And where you see a rodent with no tail, your child sees a cute, furry, little animal that burrows. How cool. How cute. To mark this day, engage in some groundhog play. Here's how:

Turn all the kids into groundhogs.

Why? Because it’s hilarious to watch and fun to play. Have kids look like groundhogs and act like groundhogs. They'll get to scurry. They'll get to hide. They'll get to burrow. You get to be the shadow. A simple craft, boxes, and a few games are all it takes.

Groundhog headband how to


Follow the steps below to make a groundhog headband. Wear it all day. (Don’t forget to "chuck chuck"!)

You will need:

  • Groundhog Headband Template 
  • Construction paper (8.5x11) in any color (we love colorful groundhogs)
  • Black construction paper (8.5x11) (for you, the groundhog's shadow)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler, tape and/or glue
  • Markers

How To:

  1. Download the Groundhog Headband Template. Print and cut.
  2. Using the template, trace the shapes onto construction paper, and cut out the pieces. Cut out one headband in black for the shadow.
  3. Children assemble the groundhog faces, using glue or tape. Add detail with markers.
  4. Measure the headband on each child’s head, and tape or staple into a circle.
  5. Make a plain black groundhog headband for yourself.
  6. Wear all day, through the airports, in the car on your drive home, through the grocery store for those last minute supplies…(you get the idea).


Gather your little groundhogs for a game of hide n' seek. Have your little groundhogs go hibernate. Instruct them to "chuck chuck" - like an angry groundhog - when you find them.

Child playing in box maze


You will need:

  • 10-20 boxes (same size boxes preferable; medium moving boxes - 18x18x16" - work best) 
  • Packing tape

How to:

  1. Layout boxes along walls in hallways and tape together.
  2. Make perpendicular turns into adjoining rooms by folding back box flaps.
  3. Cut holes in the top of a few boxes, so children can pop their heads out (and look for their shadow). 
  4. Include children in the construction of the maze, if possible.


  • Do time races through the maze.
  • If you've included multiple tunnels, hide treats in the maze and have the groundhogs find them.
  • Leave box mazes up for a week for extended play.

Finally, enjoy a laugh or two with our free printable Groundhog's Day kid jokes

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