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Kids Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

Check out this cat-themed holiday gift guide is for all young cat lovers who want to purr their way through these winter days. Meow!

kids kitty cat themed gift guide

Cat-Themed Picture Books (Ages 2-7)Cat themed picture books

Let's start with picture book gift recommendations. They're easy, fun, educational and don't take up much room in a toy-filled home.
Try Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. Pete is a silly, fun cat that goes with the flow - no tantrums - despite hiccups to his day. On sale for $9.87.

Another kid favorite is the Newberry Honor Millions of Cats book. In this book, a man tries to choose one cat out of millions for his wife. On sale for $7.59.

Cat-Themed Chapter Books (Ages 8-12)

Warrior Cats books

The Warrior Cats series chronicles the lives and adventures of six cat clans. The stories are a mixture of Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter meets PG Game of Thrones, but with cats. They're fun. They're imaginative. And there are 60 books. Not surprising that this series is on the national best selling list. The starter set, comprised of six books, is on sale for $27.98. Oh yeah, and if your child likes these books, be prepared for everything Warrior Cat - recess play, dinner discussions, library runs, daydreaming, cat figurines replacing soldiers and LOL dolls, and the occasional lick from your child. Promote reenactment of these novels with cat figurines and a cat playscape.

Cat-Themed Imaginative Play Box

Give a gift of fun and imaginative play with this Cool Cats Boredom Box. This box includes 9 games and activities and everything you need for a day of frisky feline fun! Children can act like cats, dress like cats, eat like cats, meow like cats, and make clay cats of their own. Meow! On sale for $29.00.

Cat Throw Pillow

 Cat Squishmallow Pillow

Indulge your child's request for an ever-popular cat-themed Squishmallow, on sale for $29.99.

Cat Stuffies

Jellycat KittenStuffed Animal Kitten 

Sweet cat stuffed animals look great propped on a bed, when not being loved and carried around by your child. Buy this Jellycat Bashful Kitten, one of our favorite stuffed animals to give or receive, $25.00. Or buy this Cuddle + Kind Daisy the Kitten doll, $55.00-$71.00.

Cat Stocking Stuffer Gift Set

cat themed stocking stuffer

This Stocking Stuffer Gift Set makes Santa's job easy. This Stocking Stuffer Gift Set is full of feline fun, with playful toys for your kitty loving kid. This set includes a sparkly cat ear headband, a cat eyes sleep mask, a stuffed cat toy, a sticky cat, three cat figurines, and cat stickers. Meow!  On sale for $22.

 Cat Costume Accessories

Cat paws, tail and ears

Turn your already purring, hissing, cuddling and hiding child into a cat with these cat costume accessories from Rock Paper Sprinkles. On sale for $25.00. Happy meows only. No licking! Or biting. Seriously, no licking is a rule in our house. 

Cat Sleep Masks

Cat Sleep Mask

This 3-pack of Cat Sleep Masks are sure to bring you more sleep - and more giggles! On sale for $8.99 for 3. 

A Toy World for Kitten Figurines

Mat and toys for animal world

Gather all the cats and other animal figurines in your home, and give them a place to play and sleep (aka get neatly stored away) with this Animal Clinic Playscape by Rock Paper Sprinkles. Keep this playscape displayed on a dresser or table for easy play, or tucked away in its own container. It's a perfect activity to keep at Grandma's house, on a toy shelf, or in the back of the car. On sale for $120.00.

Cat Toy Figurines

Papo Persian cat kitty toy figurine

Papo makes high quality, durable toys with hand painted details in an array of animals, including cats. These toys are beautiful and worth every cent. Start your kids cat collection with this exquisite Papo Persian Cat. On sale for $13.95.

Littlest Pet Shop Playset

LPS Playset

With big heads, tiny bodies and even bigger eyes, Littlest Pet Shop toys are a favorite of many a kid. This Littlest Pet Shop Pet Partment Playset is one of our favorites, on sale for $28.

Cat Kitten Figurine Toy Pack

Miniature cat toy figurines
Pretend play Warrior Cats all day long with a pack (or eight) of these
Miniature Cat Figurine Toy Packs.  On sale for $12.99 per pack.

Enchantimals Cat Doll and Kitty

Enchantimal cat toy doll

Girly-girls love these dolls that come in a variety of animal characters. Get a Enchantimal Ciesta Cat Doll for $8.99.

Plush Kitty Cat for 18" Doll

 American Girl Doll Tuxedo Cat

Do your kids want a pet cat? Your child's doll can have one instead. Try this super cute American Girl Doll Licorice Cat for $28. It doesn't poop or shed. 

Cat-Themed Party (Ages 3-8)

Kitty theme birthday party

Throw a purrfect cat themed celebration with Rock Paper Sprinkles' Cool Cats Party. This popular party transforms children into frisky felines and includes fifteen imaginative games and activities. Children can act like cats, dress like cats, eat like cats, meow like cats, and make clay cats to take home. This party works in any space large or small. Prices starting at $199.00.

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