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Kid Friendly Portable Speaker

Music is an integral part of Rock Paper Sprinkles Parties. Before you throw your party, test your music player and speakers. Make sure you have external speakers (smartphone speakers typically aren't loud enough) that can start and stop without delay. 

We recommend this affordable, kid-friendly, no-delay portable speaker for the reasons listed below.

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Why We Love It
  1. It costs $30.
  2. It's sturdy. 
  3. It's lightweight and compact. You can fit it into a back pocket.
  4. It's Bluetooth, radio, and micro SD card compatible (micro SD card ($6) must be purchased separately).
  5. There are 10 big buttons on the top of this speaker!
  6. You can actually hear the music over all the excited squeals from party guests.
This Means...
You can connect the speaker to your phone (or computer or tablet) via Bluetooth. Or, you can download music to a micro SD card, input the SD card into the speaker, and control the music with the large buttons on top (select songs by pushing a number, play and pause songs without delay). You can let your child play with it, selecting songs by him/herself. You can keep little hands away from your phone, which can be used to take photos or videos of the party. 
What is a Micro SD Card?

A micro SD card is similar to a mini or standard SD card. It's just physically smaller in size. Most micro SD cards come with a SD adapter, so the micro card can fit into your computer (with the adapter) and then into your device (without the adapter). 

Downloading Music to a Micro SD Card
Using a micro SD card is easy:
  • Insert your micro SD card into its adapter and then into your SD card slot on your computer.
  • Drag your music files into your SD icon on your desktop.
  • Remove your micro SD card from your computer and adapter, and insert it into your speaker.
  • Turn your speaker to SD card mode and play your music! 
Xo, Rock Paper Sprinkles

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