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How To Wrap Boxes for "Pass the Parcel" Game

Prepping for the Pass the Parcel game is easy, as demonstrated in this video:

Girl wrapping gift boxes for pass the parcel game

  1. Grab your supplies: gift boxes, prizes, gift wrap and a bow (all included in your Rock Paper Sprinkles package). Grab scissors and tape from home.
  2. Assemble gift boxes and group with their corresponding prizes.
  3. Wrap the prizes in a series of boxes*: For each set of prizes, place them inside the smallest box. Wrap this box and place it inside a larger box. Wrap again. Repeat (if necessary). Discreetly label the bottom of the box (so you don't forget what's inside). 

*Refer to the gift wrap diagram in your Rock Paper Sprinkles party planning guide.

Xo, Rock Paper Sprinkles

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