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Kids' Glee on New Year's Eve

Goodbye 2019. Hello 2020. Ready or not, here we come. 

Kids wearing 2020 glasses and celebrating New Years Eve

New Year's Eve is here! Invite your friends over and celebrate with your children.

End 2019 with one hour of kids' glee - meaning, games - on New Year's Eve. Then turn on a movie so adults can hang. Finally, end the celebration by ringing in the New Year with an early kids' countdown. Anytime works as long as you countdown backwards, make some noise, and yell, "Happy New Year!"

Kids celebrating


Throw together an easy New Year's party schedule:
- New Year Eve themed games with your kids (see below)
- A fun movie
- A New Year's Eve countdown and toast

    Supply List

    - Sparkling cider, champagne, and/or Pop Rocks
    - Balloons
    - 2020-themed hats, glasses, poppers and noise makers  

      New Year's Games for Kids

      "What Time is it, Mr. Fox?"

      One child is Mr. Fox and stands at one side of the room, with his/her back to the group. The rest of the children (and participating adults) stand at the opposite side of the room and say, “Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox, what time is it?” Mr. Fox replies with a time, such as two o’clock. The children then take two steps toward Mr. Fox. The objective is to touch Mr. Fox before midnight. However, if Mr. Fox says, “Midnight!”, all the children must run back to their side before Mr. Fox turns around and tags them.

      Don't Let the Ball Drop...Yet: Balloon Waddle Race

      Children and adults must cross the room and return while waddling with a balloon between their legs/knees. Practice once and then turn this game into a race or relay. 

      Balloon sandwich kids game played with balloons

      Don't Let the Ball Drop...Yet: Balloon Sandwich

      Pair up children and participating adults. Each "team" must stand back to back, and keep the balloon between their backs without falling, while moving across the room, around a chair/table, and back.

      Balloon air bop games with balloon

      Don't Let the Ball Drop...Yet: Balloon Air Bop

      Each child must keep a balloon in the air. First only with one hand. Next only with feet. Last, only with heads. Older children are out for the round if their balloon hits the ground. Play a new song for each round.

      Don't Let the Ball Drop...Yet: Balloon Foot Pass

      Separate children into two lines and have children sit or lay on the floor. The object of this game is to grab the balloon with only your feet and pass it down the line. Stack a pile of balloons by the first person in each line. This person must pick one balloon up with his feet, pass it over his head/body to the person behind him. That person must "grab" it with her feet, and pass over her head. Continue until all balloons are passed down the line. 

      Ready or Not, Here Comes 2020
      This game is the classic version of "hide and seek," just with a fun and cheeky title. Children love hiding from an adult. Count slowly to twenty and then holler "Ready or Not, Here Comes 2020!"

      If you're worried about a load of kids hiding in your house, switch the roll and play "Sardines" instead. You, the adult, hides. The children count to twenty together and they holler "Ready or Not, Here Comes 2020!" When one child (or ten of them) find you, then they hide with you. Last person searching wins.

      popcorn containers

      Kids Movie

      Looking for a movie suggestion that works for a span of ages and interests AND has a fun dance-able soundtrack? We love Sing, Trolls, and Shrek.

      2020 in candles with glitter

      New Years Eve Countdown

      Have all the adults grab balloons. Together, countdown from 10. Drop the balloons on the kids' heads as you shout, "Happy New Year!" Break out the Pop Rocks and toast with your favorite sparkling drink. 

      Wishing you and your families a very Happy New Year!

      Xo, Rock Paper Sprinkles

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