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Gift Guide for Fairy Lovers

Check out these perfect gifts for children who love all things fairy. Let the magical world of make believe blossom. Do you believe in fairies?  

Pictures of fairy toys as gifts for fairy lovers

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Build and Bloom Building Set

Learning Resource Gears STEM toy of flowers
Hey parents, this is a STEM toy. Your child wants to play fairy world. You want to spend your money only on toys that develop critical thinking, problem solving and fine motor skills? This toy will meet both of your needs. Add a few miniature fairies and your fairy world is complete. On sale for $31.99. 

FAO Schwarz Enchanted Fairy Building Set

Fairy Building toy FAO SCHWARZ 60 Piece Multicolored Enchanted Fairy Building Block

This building set includes 60 modular tiles of fairies, butterflies and flowers made with real wood pieces. Bring this toy along to restaurants, Grandma's house, and big sister's boring gymnastics practice. On sale for $18.61.

Irish Fairy Door

Irish Fairy Door Toy
Can't handle any more toys in your home! Neither can we! This toy brings all the magic of fairies to your yard. Buy one or ten and set these up against trees and rocks. Then send your child out everyday to check on them. Fairies do like fresh air. On sale for $12.15.

Fisher Price Butterbean's Cafe Playset

Fisher Price butterbean fairy toy
Let imagination rule in the pretend (or real) world of fairies. Your kid will love this cute little fairy toy. You will love its compact size and ability to travel to wherever you're going. Bring it in the car, on the plane, or to a baseball game. Buy just this bean or the entire set. On sale for $25.49.

My Fairy Garden Tree Hollow

Fairy Garden Tree Hollow Toy
Grow a beautiful fairy garden in this purple plastic fairy tree hollow. Or swamp the provided dirt and seeds with too much water. Then dehydrate the seeds with no water at all. And then, spill the dirt all over the floor, twice. That's what happens in my house. My kids use this toy as a playset for all their little animal and fairy figurines. I had a supermom moment one day, and we glued some dry moss, glass pebbles, and fake flowers to the inside. On sale for $7.99 down from $16.99. $7.99 is a good price for your fifteenth birthday party invite. 

Playmobil Fairy Line

If your kids have never played with Playmobil toys, then now is the time. I loved these toys as a child. My kids love them now. Playmobil has an entire line dedicated to fairies at all different price points.

Playmobil Mystical Fairy Glen Playset

Playmobil Fairy Glen Playset
This is a good starter playset to create a fairy world. On sale for $24.99.

Playmobil Magical Fairy Forest Playset

Playmobil Magical Fairy Forest Toy
If you want to spoil a kid a little bit, buy this set. Kids love putting animals in the trees. On sale for $43.99.

Fairies with Toadstool House Toy

 Playmobil Faries with Toadstool House

If you want to really spoil a kid, then buy this set as well. On sale for $94.44.

Papo's Collection of Fairies and Elves 

Papo pink toy fairy figurine
Papo makes high quality, durable toys with hand painted details. These toys are so durable and beautiful that they can withstand play from multiple generations. Just ask my aunt. She has a bucket of these that she brings out every holiday for her fifteen plus great nieces and nephews. These work perfectly as stand alone gifts, stocking stuffers, or birthday gifts. Buy a few to accompany the Papo playsets included in Rock Paper Sprinkle's Fairy Hollow Party. On sale for $8.29.

Hatchimal Pixie Fairy Doll

Hatchimal Pixie fairy doll toy

Little girls everywhere love tiny cute Hatchimals. This brand now has a fairy to add to your collection. On sale for $9.99.

Rock Paper Sprinkles Fairy Costume

Pink fairy costume with wings and crown

 Turn your little fairy lover into a pixie with this fairy costume. This costume has three pieces: an apron, wings, and headband. On sale for $32.00.

Fairy Hollow Party

Gift of experience fairy party fairy house fairy castle fairy landscape

Want to give an experience rather than a toy? Then give a Fairy Hollow party to that beloved child in your life. This party includes fifteen sprightly games of imaginative fairy play. Children save Fairy Hollow from a naughty gnome while fluttering through flowers, dodging dew drops, and making a fairy home of their very own. On sale starting at $399 for ten kids. 

Safari Friendly Fairies Miniature Figurines

Safari miniature fairy figurines white fairies black fairies and brown fairies

Buy these miniature fairy figurines for a child to use them any toy playset, in the backyard, or around the house. This set includes fairies in many skin tones which is hard to find. On sale for $18.99.

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