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Fairy Hollow Playscape

The Fairy Hollow Party playscape is an interactive party decoration. Children will be wowed by the pretty display and will immediately gravitate toward this fun party activity (keeping them busy until all the guests arrive). Plus, it will occupy your birthday child while you prep for the party.

The playscape includes a parent-child bonding activity. Spend quality time with your child while working together to build two homes for your fairies. Revel in the excitement as you get ready for your party! 

Girls in fairy costume with toys

 (This playscape is included with your Fairy Hollow Party supplies.)

Xo, Rock Paper Sprinkles

Too busy to throw a special birthday party or exceptional play date at home? Next time, buy a Rock Paper Sprinkles party, and get your props, costumes, favors, supplies, and fun-focused guide - filled with a story narrative of games - delivered to your door. 


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