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Decorating with Balloons

Balloons are an easy way to add color and party flare.

For the simplest punch of fun, grab your balloon pump and balloons (included in your Rock Paper Sprinkles package), and blow them up. Let your child help. Leave the balloons scattered on the floor in the main party room.

Easy balloon decoration for max fun and color

There's no need to do anything else with your balloons. But, if you want to ramp it up a notch, you can:

  1. Turn your balloons into a garland (using the string provided)
  2. Turn your balloons into bouquets
  3. Fill your balloons with helium 

Warning: Deflated balloons are a choking hazard for children under age eight.

How to Turn Your Balloons into a Garland


Source: A Beautiful Mess

The simplest balloon garland can be made use the balloons, pump and string provided in your Rock Paper Sprinkles package:

  1. Inflate balloons with balloon pump, to various sizes.
  2. Cut a small piece of string for each balloon.
  3. Using these small pieces of string, tie balloons onto a larger piece of string to create one long balloon garland. Alternatively: tie balloons directly onto the long piece of string. 
  4. Or, tie balloons into smaller clusters of 3-5 balloons. 
  5. Attach the balloon garland(s) to a mantle, stair banister, wall, or doorway.  
Watch this helpful video tutorial, if needed.  

Don't want to mess with the string? Purchase this balloon garland decorating strip ($5) to easily insert balloons into holes (no tying needed). 
Still looking for more inspiration? Check out this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess to create a balloon garland using command hooks and a glue gun! 


How to Turn Your Balloons in a Bouquet


Balloon bouquets make the perfect centerpiece. And balloon sticks can be reused for future parties or events. 

  1. Buy balloon sticks ($7, also available at your local party supply store).
  2. Inflate balloons and attach to tops of sticks.
  3. Cut sticks in various lengths.
  4. Add stick balloons to vases.
  5. If needed, fill vases with glass pebbles or rocks to keep sticks in place.
Place these balloon bouquets on dining tables, coffee tables, side tables and mantles.

Filling Your Balloons with Helium


Everyone loves helium filled balloons. If you decided to go this route, remember helium is time sensitive. Meaning, this is a task best saved for the morning of your party. Here are a few options, when it comes to helium:

1. Use Store Helium:

Fill your Rock Paper Sprinkles latex balloons with helium at a local party supply or grocery store. Do this task the morning of your party. Latex balloons float for approximately 10-12 hours.  

2. Use a Tank Helium:

Purchase a helium tank ($25) at Target, Party City, or other local party supply store, and fill your Rock Paper Sprinkles balloons at home. Latex balloons only float on this helium for approximately 4 hours. This option means that you will be filling balloons right before the party starts, rather than setting up or relaxing. (This method is not our favorite, for that reason.) 

3. Use a Foil Balloon:

Purchase a foil balloon (online or from your local party supply store) and fill with helium. Bonus: once filled, foil balloons should last over 24 hours and can be enjoyed after the party. We still recommend filling your balloon the day of your party for the best impact / fullest fill.

Note: Rock Paper Sprinkles parties do not currently include foil balloons

4. Decorating Ideas with Helium Balloons
  • Leave helium balloons scattered around the ceiling, strings hanging down, concentrated in the main room for an extra punch.
  • Tie clusters of helium balloons around your house: tie to the end of your stair banister, tie around your mailbox, or tie to the back of each dining room chair.
  • Tie balloons in a line on a stair banister: one balloon at each step, equally spaced, moving up the banister. 
Xo, Rock Paper Sprinkles

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