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2020 Stocking Stuffers and Gifts for Reindeer Lovers

Updated for 2020. This reindeer stocking stuffers and gifts guide is for all young reindeer lovers. Candy, toys, stuffed animals, costumes, sheets and backpacks: they all come in reindeer. Happy Christmas. Clip clop, clip clop.  

Reindeer Themed Gift Guide for Kids

Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispenser

Pooping reindeer candy dispenser stocking stuffer

Indulge your child's bathroom humor and reindeer obsession with this Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispenser. Yum. Yum. On sale for $7.99. 

Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

Reindeer farts cotton candy stocking stuffer

If you're too old for poop humor, then try this Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy instead. On sale for $8.95. 

Reindeer Barf

Reindeer barf rainbow licorice stocking stuffer

Santa's reindeer also barf up licorice rainbows. Who knew? Try your own Rainbow Licorice Reindeer Barf. On sale for $14.99. 

Boredom Box Build It: The North Pole

Child playing with Santa's workshop playset

Welcome to the North Pole! Build this playset, unroll the playmat and delve into a winter wonderland of make believe. Take it apart and rebuild as many times as you like! This gift includes a Gingerbread House 3D puzzle playset; interactive character figurines, including Santa and his reindeer; a storybook; and a custom playmat for heightened imaginative play. On sale for $49.00

Safari LTD Reindeer

Safari LTD reindeer toy figurine stocking stuffer

Safari LTD figurines, including this reindeer, are super durable, realistic and extremely detailed. Slowly build a collection that can be passed down to future generations of animal lovers. These figurines mix well with Papo and Schleich figurines. Add Schleich White Tail Deer Fawns for baby animal play. Reindeer on sale for $9.95. Fawn on sale for $4.99. 

Papo Ice Field Playset

Papo ice field playset north pole toy

Create your own North Pole landscape for all of your arctic reindeer figurines with this Papo Ice Field Playset. Elsa will be jealous. On sale for $23.61. 

Reindeer Romp Mini Party

Reindeer Romp Holiday Party

Yes, you can still have a Covid safe kids Christmas party-for-one (or a few) with this spunky Reindeer Romp Holiday Party. This party transforms children into romping reindeer with 90 minutes of fun, twelve imaginative games, and all the necessary props, decorations, favors and costumes. All for a price less than sourcing supplies yourself. Prices starting at $129.

Jellycat Robyn Reindeer Stuffed Animal

jellycat robyn reindeer plush stuffed animal

Jellycat stuffed animals are the very best - always cute, soft, and pretty. Add these Reindeer Stuffed Animals to your kids' beds for easy Christmas decoration. On sale for $37.99. 

Reindeer Sleep Masks

Reindeer Sleep Masks

Your kids will love these furry and cute Reindeer Sleep Masks. Two for $9.99.

Meri Meri Jingles Reindeer Doll

meri meri reindeer doll

Dress your kids' beds and chairs, year after year, with these handsome Meri Meri Stuffed Reindeer. On sale for $54.99.

Cuddle and Kind Reindeer Stuffed Doll

Cuddle and kind reindeer stuffed animal

 These Cuddle-and-Kind stuffed reindeer animals are prefect for play and bedroom decoration. On sale for $55.00.

Reindeer Romp Imaginary Games and Play

Interactive reindeer Christmas themed gift

Pretend play the reindeer way. Transform your children into romping reindeer with this Boredom Box: Reindeer Romp! This box includes 12 imaginative games and festive activities. Children look like reindeer, prance like reindeer, eat like reindeer, play like reindeer, and make a reindeer craft of their very own. Oh what FUN! On sale for $32.00. 

Kids Cozy Reindeer Romper

reindeer cozy pajamas romper costume

Lounge or play all day long in this Cozy Reindeer Romper. On sale for $29.99

Girls Tutu Reindeer Costume

tutu reindeer costume dress up

You can find a tutu for here's your Tutu Version of a Reindeer. Your kid will love it. Clip clop, clip clop. On sale for $25.26

Reindeer Slippers

reindeer slippers

Reindeer slippers: cozy and soft. On sale for $11.45

Justice Girls Sparkle Reindeer Mini Backpack

justice pink sparkle reindeer cute animal backpack

Need something pink? And sparkly? And oh so cute? This Justice Girls Reindeer Mini Backpack fits the bill. On sale for $34.99

Reindeer Sheets

Reindeer kid sheets

These Target reindeer sheets are 100% flannel cotton and covered in reindeer. Starting at $20.00.

Reindeer Shaped Pillow

Reindeer shaped pilow

Reindeer shaped pillow. On sale for $41.99.


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