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Bones that Roam, Everyday

Buy a skeleton and play "Bones that Roam", everyday, in your household. It's an easy and exciting activity for your children to do everyday in October. Think "Elf on the Shelf" without the effort.  

Skeleton dressed in wig and dress

Supplies: Buy a poseable, fake (duh) skeleton. 

This $20 36" Poseable Skeleton from Target fits in size 2T-5T clothing.

This $40 60" Poseable Skeleton from Target fits in size 10-12 big kids clothing and/or xsmall adult clothing. 

Skeleton dressed in prom dress

What to Do

1. Name Your Skeleton.

Pick a funny name for your skeleton. Use puns, rhymes, spooky adjectives or real names that have died a slow (or quick) death in popularity. Some of our favorite silly skeletons are Ima Bones, Yura Next, Scully Skeleton, Dead Fred and Murdered Myrtle.

2. Have your bones roam everyday.

Let your children move, position, dress, and accessorize your bones everyday inside and/or outside your home. Enjoy their excitement and silliness as your pile of bones drinks out of a toilet bowl or hugs five teddy bears. 


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