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Add a Little Pep into Your Kid's Remote School Schlep

On your fifth month of remote school? Feeling a little bit batty? It's time to add a little pep into your kid's remote school schlep. 

Skeleton in sweater remote learning

How, you ask? Help your kid start the morning off right... in character. Let them dress up everyday as something, anything. Turn it into a writing assignment (on paper) and let them plan the next thirty days of outfits.

Have them use what you have around the house: think basketball jerseys, gymnastics leotards, plain color clothing, old graduation gowns, Dad's clothing and of course, costumes. Up their game by buying affordable accessories like this pack of animal headbands or borrowing items from friends and family. 

Kids, here are some ideas:

Day 1: Be the atmosphere.

Wear all blue and draw clouds - with washable marker - on your cheeks.

kid dressed as the sky

Day 2: Be a judge.

Wear an old graduation gown, collared shirt, and fake glasses. Have a meat mallet on hand to use as a gavel. Pound it when your class is noisy! (Make sure your mic is on mute, of course.)

child dressed as a judge

Day 3: Be a hoppy frog. 

Throw on all green. Add a headband and hop on to class. 

For additional hoppy fun and games (along with this headband), try out this Hoppy Frog Boredom Box

Day 4: Be a gymnast.

It's time to pull out all of those leotards. Learn and stretch at the same time. 

remote school

Day 5: Be a deer or reindeer. 

Find something sparkly or brown or, who knows, even purple. Add antlers and a prance to your mourning routine. 

reindeer at remote school

Day 6: Be a lifeguard.

Throw on a red shirt and a visor. Grab a whistle. Blow it frequently when someone talks out of turn. (Once again, make sure that mic is muted.) 

kid dressed as lifeguard

Day 7: Be a mermaid. 

Sometimes, sporting a full costume is just what needs to happen.

Kid at remote school

For additional mermaid fun and games (and this costume), try out this Mermaid Lagoon Boredom Box

Day 8: Be yourself on New Years Eve, 2020.

Dress up in something fabulous. Add on some old 2020 glasses. Pretend it's the start of 2020 all through breakfast. It's a new decade!! Now, go your five steps to your reality (aka your computer) and rejoice in the fact that 2021 is around the corner! 

Day 9 through Day 30:

Day 9: Be a tornado. Dress in grey clothing and draw tornado funnels on your face. Leave stuff - "debris" - all over the house in your wake. 

Day 10: Be a ballerina. Dress in a leotard and tights. 

Day 11: Dress as your Mom, pre-Covid.

Day 12: Dress as your Mom now (during Covid). 

Day 13: Repeat pre-Covid and during-Covid renditions of your Dad.

Day 14: Be a biker. Wear a bike helmet all day long.

Day 15: Be the color orange. Wear an orange shirt, orange shorts, and draw orange circles on your face.

Day 16: Be the night. Wear all black clothing! Add glow in the dark stars! 

Day 17: Be a tiger. Roar! Wear tiger ears and add a black nose and whiskers with a marker.

Day 18: Be the teacher, not the student! Throw on some fake glasses, wear a blazer, and call on students (with the mic off, duh!). After school dismissal, play teacher - for real - with this School Rules Boredom Box

Day 19: Be a schoolgirl. Dress in a collared shirt, knee socks, pleated skirt, SHOES and a backpack (remember those?). 

Day 20: Be a rainbow. Dress in all different colors and draw rainbows on your face.

Day 21: Be a superhero. Throw on a cape (or fashion one with a towel and rubber band) and save the day from monotony. For added fun, try out this Superhero Academy Boredom Box

Day 22: Be Waldo. Throw on a red and white striped shirt, a beanie and a pair of round glasses. 

Day 23: Be a wizard at Hogwarts. Repurpose that old graduation robe as a wizard robe. Whittle a stick into a wand. Practice spells using vocabulary words.

Day 24: Be a fairy or a gnome. Throw on some wings and flutter. Or create a red cone hat and stomp away. If you believe in fairies, or gnomes, ignite your play with this Fairy Hollow Boredom Box. 

Day 25: Be Mars. Dress in red. During recess, pick an object (or a sibling) to orbit around. Don't forget to run in circles (to represent Mars' years) and simultaneously spin (to represent Mars' days).

Day 26: Be a boppin' bunny. Hop everywhere you go and gnaw on carrots.

Day 27: Be a cool cat. Don some cat ears and sunglasses. Use socks on your hands as paws. Draw on whiskers and a nose. Meow when you're hungry. For added fun, try out this Cool Cats Boredom Box.

Day 28: Be a runner. Wear running shoes and pants. Add sweatbands. Throw a hand towel around your shoulder and high knee jog everywhere you go.

Day 29: Be a mummy. Wear all white (or at least a white shirt). Slowly wrap each leg in - don't gasp - toilet paper (if you have enough to spare a roll)! Then wrap your body and arms and forehead. Walk around with your arms out straight! For more mummy approved fun, try this Haunted Halloween Boredom Box.

Day 30: Be a swimmer. Wear goggles on your forehead, a swim shirt or a swimsuit and warm-up pants. 


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