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Lion King Guard Dinosaur Toys Playsets
African Safari Playscape
African Safari Playscape
Lion Guard Hyena's Hideout playset and Lion Guard Battle for the Pride Lands play set

African Safari Playscape

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Imagine a land where dinosaurs, hyenas and dragons roam; a land covered in volcanoes, waterfalls and cliffs. Buy our African Safari Playscape and own this imaginary place. This multi-unit toy lets your child delve into an a world of make believe. Gift this box of fun to your child for hours of play at home, or keep this playscape at Grandma's house or in the back of the car (to pull out during a vacation or family gathering)Pair with our Dino Chomp Costume or our Dino Chomp Boredom Box for more creative and imaginary play. 

Hassle free packaging: open and start playing.  

African Safari Playscape Features: 
  • 1 vinyl playscape mat
  • 1 Disney Lion Guard Hyena's Hideout play set
  • 1 Disney Lion Guard Battle for the Pride Lands play set
  • 2 boulders
  • 2 animals

Note: Dinosaurs and dragons not included.